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Are you expecting your students to watch your content videos before they come to the class? And do you want to make sure that all students are have a basic proficiency of the concepts before you introduce active learning in the classroom?

YANTRA is a quiz authoring platform which helps instructors to create their own adaptable quizzes and YANTRA's algorithms powers the automatic adaptability functionality on every question. Adaptability helps students in personalizing their quiz experience. Students cultivate their mastery by remembering, reinforcing and applying different concepts . Instructors can understand their students'proficiency of the concepts and common misconceptions before they go to the class.

Instructors receive a weekly summary with actionable insights on students' proficiency of the concepts and their challenges in learning different topics. This is all powered by YANTRA's analytics. YANTRA helps instructors align their course with students so that more meaningful learning takes place in the class and instructors spend their valuable time and effort where it is needed the most. YANTRA is FERPA compliant and can be integrated easily with any learning management system (LMS).

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